The family vacation, particularly a road trip, is an American tradition and to some an essential part of summer. Some families have traditional destinations, others like to see new places and sites, and others still just want to find a nice beach or cruise ship. Vacations are great. They’re fun-filled memory creators rife with bonding opportunities and new experiences. There’s only one, big problem…


Vacations are expensive! 


Right off the bat, hotels, meals, and activities are expensive. These costs on their own you could maybe deal with it travel wasn’t a nightmare. Flying is eye-waveringly expensive. If you’re traveling a great distance, flying may be the best option. If you’re going to a beach resort or island, it’s the only option. Ok, just go somewhere domestic and save some green, right?


If you drive to a destination that is any signifiant distance, you lose precious time from your vacation to travel. If you get a week off work and spend four days of your trip driving, then you really only get a 3-day trip. Meanwhile, all that money you’re saving from airfare is going straight in your gas tank. Gas prices always spike during summer, so that will add up fast. So…what to do?


Don’t go anywhere. 


One option is to get the feel of a vacation without the travel time and expenses. If you live in or near a city, you could get a hotel and spend your vacation time exploring i with no stress. For example, we are headquartered in the St. Louis area. With exciting sites like the Gateway Arch and fun activities like the City Museum, Zoo, and pro baseball, a family could easily spend a vacation exploring their own back yard. 


If you don’t want to spend the money to have the maintenance free hotel experience, just stay at home. If you don’t live near a city or that kind of activity doesn't appeal to you, just stay home and relax. Spend time with your family and enjoy a break from the stresses of work. Go fishing. See a movie. Have a BBQ. Do whatever makes you happy and know that you’re pushing pause on the stresses of life for a few days. 


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