Pizza Parties are the absolute best. This is a proven, irrefutable fact. Pizza parties are great for the young, great for the old, and great for everyone in between. From the time we are little kids, we look forward to pizza parties above all. Pizza is the official food of childhood, perhaps even more so than ice cream. Although we all scream for ice cream, pizza is an actual meal AND is a fun treat. You can’t beat that. 


Into adulthood, that sense of fun with pizza never leaves us. We all have our preferred style: St. Louis style, Chicago style, New York style, Boston style, pan, hand tossed, stuffed crust. Pizza is a comfort food, a speed food, and more than anything, a good friend. That’s why pizza parties are a universal good time. 


Today is Pizza Party Day, so we’d like to take a moment to look at how pizza parties can be a handy event to have in your back pocket for a fundraiser, a community event, or just a party. 


Pizza Party for Schools


Schools more than anyone can use a pizza party to it’s full potential. As the school year winds down, many schools look for fun activities to have with students as they mentally check out of the school year. Pizza parties are a great call. All you have to do is get a head count, collect cash from parents, order pizzas, and boom, you have a fun year-end activity. Meanwhile, for older kids, pizza parties are a great activity for clubs and organizations to treat the kids who have shown up and put effort into the activity during the school year. 


Pizza Party Fundraiser


If your town has a local pizzeria, see about holding your next fundraiser there. Many restaurants will donate a portion of sales to a cause on a specific day. Promote it as a pizza party to raise funds for your cause or organization. 


Graduation Pizza Party


If you take advantage of multi-pizza discounts, ordering a spread of pizzas for a graduation party is a great cost-effective way to make sure everyone has something they like. Get a diverse array of toppings and very few people will be disappointed. Look into a gluten free pizza if you have anyone with allergies. 


Pizza Party Tees


Speaking of cost-effective, pizza party t-shirts are a great idea. For kids to close the school year, for clubs, organizations, causes, or just for fun, WhoopTees are affordable, especially when ordered in bulk. Share your design online as part of your promotional activities. Sell them to raise extra funds. The possibilities are vast. Like pizza, t-shirts are versatile.

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