Really? Come on. Rarely am I curious about the wide expanse of air between Paris Hilton’s ears, but a flagrant display of narcissism such as this sparks my curiosity enough to necessitate commentary. How did the course of this internal monologue progress?

Ohmigosh ohmigosh, what should I wear this morning…Armani dress? No…$8,000 Gucci top? No…custom made Valentino paint suit? No…purple barf colored shirt that looks like I dug it out of The Salvation Army’s dumpster and then got my face screen printed on it? YES.”

Maybe I’m jealous. Worse, maybe I’m trying to cover up my girl crush. Either way, I simply cannot wrap my brain around this spectacular lapse in judgment.

A repeat offender, of course. Oh, Paris...what are we going to do with you? Photo via


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