Recently, Jorie posted this BP Fail tshirt which “gives the wearer an omnipresent voice” of protest against such flagrant environmental disasters.  And I completely agree: the oil spill was a total fail, and this shirt is social-commentary-win.  But can I give everyone two pieces of social commentary advice?  Here goes:  1) Center your message: don’t skew your graphic off to one side or the other, its sloppy, unprofessional, looks lazy, and 2) Those little pokey bits of your jeans pushing into your shirt round about your waistline?  They don’t look good.  Fitted shirts are in; pokey jean bits--out.  Don’t believe me?  Google “pokey jean bits”.  You won’t find anything.  See?  Told you.  Don’t make your win shirt into a fail. Go to WhoopTee and design a win-win shirt of your very own.

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