Fall weather . . . . yes, already!  I'm going to discuss fall weather, or more appropriately, your fall weather wardrobe. It's not that I don't enjoy August but it's not REALLY summer anymore . . .. Despite trying to to squeeze in a vacation before its' officially back to school time.  But it's not quite fall yet either, although every ad in the Sunday paper would have you believing otherwise.  So in an effort to be optimistic and forward thinking  . . .it's fall!

So here we are (eh hem) fall weather.  Take a hike through the beautiful changing leaves or sit in your backyard for a BBQ.  You don't need to worry about the sweltering heat or even getting sunburned.  But as the summer wanes, the nights start to get a little cooler, and that means "wardrobe change."  Sure it's perfect for tank tops and shorts during the day but what about night?  There's an endless list of options: jacket, hoodie, coat, shawl, fur coat, blanket, poncho, portable heater, a bottle of jack Daniels  . . .What? It really works!

Instead try an Anvil Long Sleeved Hooded T-Shirt!  Lightweight cotton, long sleeves and a hoodie - adorable!  It's stylish and versatile enough to keep one, or two, in your purse or tie in around your waist.  Take is one step farther and design your own custom shirt.  You'd look great sporting a vintage camp design on the back.  Or maybe you could try a smalll monogram on the front - just preview the look by using the Designer Tool on Whooptee.com.  

So get into the fall mindset and order your Anvil Hooded T-shirt today because before you know it, we're on to winter . . . .

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