The 2017 baseball postseason has seen every manager, no matter how long-tenured or successful, the victim of violent fan backlash on Twitter, message boards, and on the street due to a series of high-profile strategic gaffes from all around. You can have rings, you can have years of experience, but a key blunder can render six months and over 162 games a moot point. It all comes down to this. 


For more than just those cases, there are plenty of managers around the league who infuriate their fanbases on a nightly basis. Either with in-game strategy, general poor ideas on philosophy or lineup construction, or from presiding over a seemingly fractured clubhouse. Maybe they give infuriating post-game press conferences. Maybe their quotes in the paper or online send you into a rage. Maybe you simply don’t like them. What are your options? Root for the team and keep it to yourself? Ignore your grievances. No! You are a sports fan. Vent, vent, vent! 


You can create a custom t-shirt to vent your frustration. You can create a t-shirt with WhoopTee's user friendly designer tool to vent your personal grievances to the world. When you walk down the street, you and other fans will be instantly drawn to conversation based on your mutual passion, Maybe you’ll inspire passionate debate. You can also pick a similar color scheme to your team to drive the point home. Just make sure you aren't infringing on any copyrights. 


Once you have your t-shirt design in mind, you can either order multiple t-shirts for other angry fans or order just one for your own personal protest. With our no minimum options, you can order just one t-shirt for yourself. When you have your order placed, your shirt (or shirts) will arrive in two weeks shipped free of charge.

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