Preschool is a big deal.  A BIG deal.  Imagine yourself as a pre-preschooler, gearing up for the first day of an experience you've never had before, leaving the safety and familiarity of your home where you've spent almost every waking moment of your whole life.  Your mom or dad has gathered all of your supplies for you; crayons (check!), backpack (check!), lunchbox (check!). "WAIT!" you say, "I'm going to the first day of the rest of my life in the same shirt I've been wearing for months?"  And you'd be right to ask.  This day is important, and you need to treat it with all the weight that it deserves.  Now, stop imagining that you are a pre-preschooler and remember that you are an adult who has children who are about to go through what you just imagined.  And go order them a special preschool shirt for this once-in-a-lifetime special event from WhoopTee.  


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