As we say goodby to May, we say goodby to more than jus the 5th month of 2018. If feels really weird that we’re this far into the year already, but here we are. Heat is finally here. The pools are open, and the BBQs are smelling up most neighborhoods. The begging of summer also brings the end of spring, and with it, the end of the school year. For all kids, the end of the school year is a euphoric feeling. 


For many parents, that is not the case. For them, the end of spring/beginning of summer brings feelings of dread. For some, it’s knowing they will probably have bored kids around the house. The most intense dread, however, comes from parents of kids who are graduating. Many will have just a few months with their now adult child before they go off to college. The end of spring also brings an end to that chapter in the child’s life, but also for the parents who raised them. 


For this new chapter in your child’s story, and your own, have some fun with it. Create a custom graduation t-shirt for your child. Design something fun, but sentimental for this new phase of life. You can create a t-shirt for yourself and for your child. Or, you can create cheap custom tees for your child’s graduation party by ordering in bulk and saving. You can even order just one tee for your child for a last summer, or first day of school shirt. 


When the big day finally comes to drop your child off at college, you can create a t-shirt for yourself and a t-shirt for your child to wear together. Well, we can’t guarantee your child will go along with it, but that shouldn't stop you from having some fun and lightening the mood!

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