Ok...please tell me I'm not the only one in the world whose room often looks like this:

I know what you're thinking. Who the crap sequesters Winnie the Pooh to a mere 6-inch space BEHIND the headboard of their bed? Some people...the nerve. 

My next problem, granted only slightly larger than the Winnie the Pooh debacle, is then I get completely exasperated and overwhelmed by my inability to take on the world because I can't, I don't know, walk around in my room because it is covered in clothes and stuffed animals and CUSTOM T SHIRTS and garbage I've convinced myself into thinking I can't live without. Blargh. And then, quietly surveying the premises, I think to myself...

You guys should really be questioning the quality of my life right now. I mean, look at that mass of just, crap. But guess what has helped me out a BUTT load? Actually learning how to fold a t shirt properly. Check this out:

How freakin' frackin' fly is that? Whoever invented this nifty trick FTW, because it has the power to help me transform my explosion of a room into piles of crisp, cleanly folded apparel, complete with t shirt designs of my very own, into manageable stacks, rather than moldy piles that eventually turn into rotting ecosystems of their very own, and I have to wade through the Underworld to get to my bed. Although I don't know if you'd call that a bed anymore. 

SO here's what you should do, now that I've shared one of my life-altering secrets with you. Throw ALL of your clothes in the center of your room, sprinkle on a nice extra layer of garbage, shredded paper, food scraps, VHS cassette tapes, CD's, and whatever else you've got going on in your room and swirl it all together by letting like, twenty small children run around in a stampede.

Kidding, duh, but that isn't all that far off from the above photo, no? So here's what you ACTUALLY should do: go to the WhoopTee online store, order a bunch of your very own custom t shirt design, and design your own t shirts today! Then when they get in the mail, you can relive high school and spend an entire Friday night folding all of them while watching The Parent Trap on ABC Family. Good times. 

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