Today, a few really awesome hashtags were floating around Twitter. #DeepDishPizzaDay was trending today as a tribute to a unique, intense, and above all, tasty variation of the pizza pie. Deep dish pizza, most commonly referred to as Chicago Style, usually has two features that separate it from other pizzas. The first is, believe it or not, the titular deep dish that it’s cooked in, which allows it to cram in tons of toppings and cheese. Seriously…one slice of deep dish is often more than enough to fill even the most hard-core pizza lover. The other distinguishing quality is space on top of the cheese instead of below it. Granted, there are versions of deep dish outside of Chicago Style. Still, whatever the option, deep dish pizza is great for the hungry pie lover.


#NationalBurritoDay was also trending. Who doesn't love burritos? A classic staple of food trucks and carts, burritos are great because they’re easy to eat and can be stuffed to the brim with just about any fillings on Earth. The classic chicken/beef burrito with refried beans, sour cream, and rice may be the standard, but just about anything can be put into these rolled tortillas. This is why fusion food has become so popular, with fillings like Korean BBQ becoming much more common. 


Both of these trends tell you two things: the Twitterverse loves to eat, and if you have a restaurant and aren’t leveraging days like today, you may as well be burning money. These hashtags are a perfect day to hop on a trend and get some eyeballs, and hopefully mouths, on your food! This is a chance to cut through the noise and promote your restaurant and you should keep an eye out for these sort of situations as these are valuable promotional opportunities that are 100% free. 


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