Sunday was the Academy Awards. In the midst of all talk of award winners, snubs, new categories and more, many people watched the Academy Awards. Or, they at least checked on Twitter to see who won. Some people are mad at the winners, mad at the snubs, or annoyed with the acceptance speeches. Others just love movies and are happy to see filmmakers get recognized. 


No mater where you fall on the awards, one thought should be crossing your mind: why isn’t my organization having an awards ceremony? This is one of the easiest events to organize, and can be tied in to just about any cause. Like the positive side of the Oscars, it’s nice to give recognition to those who deserve it. 


Spotlight members of your organization who have made an impact in the last year. Spotlight longtime members for years of contributions. You could also open up the awards to people throughout the community. Recognize public servants, people who have done acts of charity or service for the greater good, inspirational individuals, or students who have achieved. This not only is a great community builder and a great reason to sing the praises of those worthy, but it’s also a great way to get people from outside your organization to attend your event. 


This is a fantastic way to highlight the people in your organization while also giving due praise to people from outside your organization who deserve it while brining your groups closer together. You could also reach out to other organizations about partnering with you and having their own specific awards. This will cut down on expenses and give you the added benefit of a collaborative process and added exposure. 


For any community event, you’re going to want custom t-shirts. These are great uniforms for staff at the event and a great token of appreciation to the volunteers who help. You can also give shirts away in goodie bags, attendance prizes, or raffle them away. You can also create custom t-shirts specifically for the award winners. Find out their t-shirt size before the event, and you can order t-shirts in any quantity with your size specifics. 


WhoopTee has shirts available in a quantities as little as one, so you can get the exact amount you need for your award recipients. Our free quote tool also allows you to enter the sizes you want and get a quote instantly, with a final price and a breakdown of the price per shirt. As with our other orders, our t-shirts are shipped for free in two weeks.

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