Our Nation’s birthday is right around the corner, and folks could not be happier about the number 1 BBQ day of the year!! With warm temperatures and fireworks, this holiday cannot go unnoticed.  If you’re making a family affair of the holiday, why not design your own custom t-shirts as a part of the occasion?

Little kids and pets in the family? No worries, they can be included too. In fact, they can get involved in the designing process, the kids that is. Children love being creative with drawings and designs. With WhoopTee, it’s even possible to upload one of their drawings for the custom t-shirts.

So why not give it a shot? Spend the fourth of July with family and have a special crafts time to design custom t-shirts with the kids. Have them draw what the fourth means to them. Nothing is cuter than a child’s crayon portrayal of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and John Adams!

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