It’s that time of the year to dust off those old Free Hugs t-shirts because January 21 is National Hug Day. Is there really ever a bad time for a hug?  It’s a sweet sentiment as well as a stress reducer. A hug is the perfect way to brighten a day from seniors, to infants, to stuffed animals. 


Many people don’t have free hug t-shirts so come to us and we will let you design your very own today. Which ever style or color you find will be the most inviting, can be yours. All you have to do is just hop on WhoopTee’s designer tool. You can upload your own image or start with one of our ready made templates, and you always have the option of using our clip art. Of course, your shirt design is only limited by your creative vision. 


How does National Hug Day work? Simple: people hug each other. You can see how the classic “free hugs” maneuver plays into this holiday. If you can’t…well…here’s a hug. Anyway, if ever there were a time to give out free hugs, it’s National Hug Day. Why give out hugs? It’s a wonderful way to spread a sense of kindness and unity around the nation and to the people we see walking down the streets of our neighborhoods. You can make it your new year’s resolution to hug more and make others feel good about the people surrounding them. So on January 21 make sure you give a hug to a loved one or better yet, a stranger in need of cheering up. Or us; we would appreciate a good hug as well. Order it now and have your shirt in time for National Hug Day.


Buy a custom National Hug Day t-shirt and give a hug to loved ones and strangers alike. The hugs are free, and our shirts are so affordable they feel like free.

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