The term statement piece has different meanings for everyone. An artist may be known for signature work like Degas' ballerinas. A politician can have a distinct policy act as the legacy for their entire term like the Civil Rights Movement or CD censorship. In terms of fashion for women, it’s a large gold cuff, while for men, a boldly patterned tie on lavender is viewed as daring.
For the fashion unconscious or "style shy" as some might call them, statement pieces aren’t as obvious. It's a t-shirt design created to embody everything you're feeling at that moment – like a passive-aggressive social tool. In order to harness that creativity and give society the punch to the gut it deserves, just go with the flow. . . Create. 
Remember the scene in Forest Gump when Forest “just keeps running” across the US. Over time, followers who need inspiration start to accumulate. One man lost all his money in the t-shirt business (but couldn’t draw very well) hands Forest a yellow t-shirt to wipe his face with after getting splashed with mud. Forest wipes his face, imprints his shroud that forms a smiley face on the shirt and says “Have a Nice Day!” There is it . . . that’s how a Statement T-shirt is made.
As life has taught us, not everything happens like it does in the movies. Life lessons are easy to come by, when you’re NOT looking for them and frustratingly mystifying when you are. A successful custom t-shirt depends on message and design. Define a lifestyle choice or make a call to action.
While getting coffee today, I heard a dad say to his son, “You can’t have a smoothie until you finish your bagel.” The 3 year-old brilliantly responds “Ignore yourself.” Concise and unabashedly honest. Or as they say “from the mouths of babes.” Add a sarcastic font , high contrast colors and that’s it. Statement Piece complete.
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