First day of school: seeing everyone, checking out the gear.  Whether it’s high school or college, you are what you wear.  Much like being in prison, you’ve got to establish your authority from day one.  Shank the biggest, baddest jock at school? There’s a better way.

School is of course a place of learning, but also of establishing a hierarchy- a status in life.  The easiest way to do that is through clothing.  And if you look like everyone else – you’re dead in the water.  So customize your t-shirt.  Design your own clothes; but remember one rule . . .

If you’re going to wear it, you’d better believe it.  If you really want to kiss ass, try a Teacher’s Pet shirt in school colors.  If you’re adventurous – or slutty – get a low cut t-shirt that says “I’ll try anything.”  Or for the jock inside you, what about “Dr. Florida State.”

Where do you go from here? You’re mom has only given you money to go to the mall to get the essentials: shirts, shorts, pants, belts, shoes, socks, backpack.   So before you go begging for the credit card, logon to  Search the product line for a couple real high school essentials: custom hoodie, custom t-shirt and custom sweatpants. 

Go to the Designer Tool and create something very ‘mom-friendly” like a simple monogram or add “Audrey’s Honor Student” to the front pocket. She’ll think you’ve truly taken to your studies this year and gladly hand you the credit card. But not so fast, change your design back to the original ideas and place your order.  You can easily track it from your Smartphone or tablet.

While some of you may be uncomfortable with the idea of lying, you’ll get used to it.   You’re in high school now and this is sort of a prerequisite.

After all is said and done, all you have to do is walk through the halls, take in all your new friends, adoring glances and “cool shirt” comments you can handle.  After a teacher asks you where you got such a creative shirt, just tell him your mom bought it for you. 


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