Summer clothes are nearly disposable.  You know what I'm talking about - your t-shirts end up with with a variety of stains and rips, from sno-cone juice to bike chain tears.  But it’s fine, the shirt cost $10 and you were kind of “over it” anyway.  Just like a summer fling - you fall in love hard and fast - then it’s just a vague memory; it’s only impression on the world saved in a photo somewhere.    


It’s strange how the end of summer is like New Year’s Eve- out with the old and in with the new.  So why not enter into a fall fling with some fancy fonts this Friday?  If you don’t already know is a premiere online design shop to create custom apparel.  As our tag says: Where Our Shirts Meet Your Designs.  Here’s how you get started:


Choose from a variety of tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, athletic shirts, polos, full zip sweatshirts, shorts, yoga and workout pants; we have something for everyone, every season and every event!


Next, find your motivation.  When you fall in love with clothes, they speak to you.  They make you feel better about yourself and you suddenly envision yourself wearing them around town.  Sort of like making it “official.” Take that idea and you’re ready to design!   


Much like a blind date, when you go to the Designer Tool to design a t-shirt online, you’re not exactly sure what will happen.  Will you fall in love with fancy fonts or will decide that clip art might be a better match?  Either way - take it slow!  No need to go rushing into anything . . .            


It’s that simple: find your shirt, choose your color, add your design, and order.  Your custom shirt will show up on your doorstep in two weeks.  It may not have flowers and chocolates, but it will be the perfect fit!   

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