Well, election day is finally over for 2018. Before you know it, the next one will be here…While elections are vital to our freedom, and voting is a vital civic duty, election season can be very trying on one’s patience. Not only are we bombarded constantly by attack ads, with sinister music and unflattering photos, but we also get to deal with all of our friends and family posting constantly on social media. How often do you open up your Facebook or Twitter feed this time of year and are swarmed with posts that are either overt messages, articles being shared, or snarky memes? 


Press pause on election-related content and take a break from the headache. 


Take a break from the headache and design a custom tee on WhoopTee.com. Our user-friendly interface gives you the freedom to create a shirt exactly the way you want it. You know, American freedom and whatnot. You can choose a shirt, choose the color and style, choose the type, graphics, and font, and even up load your own image! 


Here are a few more ways you get freedom with WhoopTee: 


• Freedom from surprise charges. Our free quote tool will show you exactly what your order will cost you. You can update variables like sizes, quantities, and extras and see the price difference change in real time. 


• Freedom from shipping charges. Our t-shirt orders ship for free in two weeks to the 48 contiguous states. 


• Freedom from minimum orders. Some custom t-shirt screen printers won’t sell single t-shirts. WhoopTee has no minimum options available that can be ordered in any quality, giving you the ability to print just one t-shirt for yourself or a friend. 


• Freedom from poor quality. Our team carefully scrutinized t-shirt designs to make sure everything will turn out great, and we stand by our quality control. That’s why we have the WhoopTee Guarantee


Take a break from the attack advertisements and bad feelings. Use your freedom to create a spectacular custom shirt today!

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