Happy Pi Day! For those of you math lovers out there you know what we’re talking about. For the rest of you, March 14, 3/14, is called Pi Day because it shares the same numbers as the mathematical expression Pi, 3.14, which is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is never ending, but its first three digits are 3.14, so that’s what most people use to express it. Pi Day is a favorite holiday in elementary schools. 


It is a badge of honor among many to memorize as many digits of Pi as possible. Some writers even use Pi as a template for their work, with the lengths of the words they use determined by the Pi numbers. Don’t let your love of Pi go unnoticed this Pi day, make a custom t-shirt online to commemorate your love of Pi. Can’t decide between your love of Pi and your love of pie? Why choose; show your love for both. 


Here are 3.14 reasons to get a WhoopTee for Pi Day:


1 Free Shipping- WhoopTee offers free shipping on our orders. Take a look at the banner on the top right of this page. It always shows when your free shipped tees will arrive. 


2 Economical Ordering- A custom t-shirt for math doesn’t demand bells and whistles. Make a simple, one color design for your Pi Day shirt and save yourself some cash. 


3 Schools, Order in Bulk- The best way to keep your order’s price per t-shirt down is to order in bulk, so teachers and administrators make sure your math club, your classroom, or your student body is covered. 


.14 Design it Yourself- Here’s another idea of teachers, turn the shirts into a contest. Have your students design Pi shirts, and choose the best design as a class. Then have the students memorize the numbers of Pi, and the student who can go the farthest can get a special winner t-shirt as a reward. 


Pi Day is a great day for math lovers to show their pride, it’s a great day for students to have fun learning, and it’s a perfect day to create a custom t-shirt.

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