Summer is a welcome break from the stress and bustle of the school year. It’s also a time to get affairs on order before the stress and bustle of the next school year. That goes for students, faculty, and parents, but it goes double for sororities and fraternities. Your Greek organization is filled with students who will have plenty to worry about once the school year starts. Moving in, moving out, moving all about campus, registration, you name it, there’s a task that must be completed. For the sake of everyone in your sorority or fraternity, get your t-shirt situation sorted out before school starts. 


You need t-shirts for your sorority/fraternity events, branding, as keepsakes for your sisters/brothers, and for pledge week. You need standard shirts with your letters, and you should consider getting shirts for individual events or occasions as well. With, you can easily create a custom Greek t-shirt with our designer tool. You can choose your product, choose your colors, choose your fonts, and arrange them to create the perfect design for your needs. You can even upload your own image, provided you have the copyright and it is in the proper file formats. 


If you have any pets in your sorority/fraternity, they can join in on the action with custom pet t-shirts that you can create for them. If animal rescue organizations are part of your community service activities, pet t-shirts make a fun, unique fundraising opportunity. Once you have ordered your shirts, they will be shipped to you for free in two weeks. To see when your custom t-shirts will arrive, check the upper right hand corner of your screen. 


Don’t wait until the new semester to get your t-shirt designs printed. You have enough on your plate. Use summer for the reprieve it is designed to be, and check one item off of your “to do” list.

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