Summer soccer leagues and be both a blessing and curse for parents. On one hand, parents can get kids active and out of the house. On the other hand, the soccer related laundry piles up! So why stress yourself and other parents out? Just order more soccer custom t-shirts.

Get together with your kids and other teammates to design your own custom t-shirts for your soccer league. WhoopTee has an assortment of group t-shirts to choose from including sports’ jerseys! This is ideal for young teams and the jersey material has great sweat wicking capabilities to keep the young athletes cool. And don’t worry about having a generic t-shirt design. The variety of logos, fonts, and colors will ensure that your child’s soccer team WILL stand out. Worried about cost? Not a problem!  When your team collectively orders, discount cost and shipping can be worked out.

So don’t wait until you’re tired of washing the same jersey over and over again. Kill two birds with one stone. Create your own custom t-shirt AND order multiple t-shirts with WhoopTee’s competitive pricing. The kids will be ecstatic and team parents will thank you!

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