It's hard being in business. Always competing with the big conglomerates for a client's attention, time and money.  Sometimes just getting a 15 minute meeting can be the difference between working from a home office to hiring an assistant. But it's not always just about a quick transaction; loyalty between customers and representatives can create an environment for better business for years to come.

The traditional thank you note has gone by the wayside with the advent of email.  Websites like LinkedIn have raised the bar in terms of engagement. Not only is your resume available to anyone with an Internet connection but a veritable Roladex of contacts and philosophies make up your "E" persona. 

So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you create a partnership for the next decade? How do you say "Thank you; I appreciate your business"? 

Try a t-shirt. Or golf shirt, or jersey or just about any custom apparel imaginable with  Some may say this business practice seems excessive. That might be true when dealing with other apparel companies, but Whooptee makes it easy by supplying quality apparel at a low cost. 

Match your client with the perfect apparel; personalize shirts, pants, hoodies or even pet apparel emblazoned with your client’s logo. With the amount of time we all spend at work, anyone would be proud to show off a custom shirt; like sharing a picture of your kids to a new friend. Imagine the look on their faces when you drop off the custom apparel you designed. I guarantee no one has said thank you in such a thoughtful, creative way.  It's personal, it's your passion.   

Continue the conversation with a custom shirt.  Show you're an original, show you’re loyal or show your shirt – with 


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