Do you know what happens when you’re easy to see on a paintball field? Of course you do.You get shot, and it hurts. Now, we don’t know about you, but if we were playing paintball, we’d do anything we could to keep from being seen in our paintball games. That extra leg up on the competition may be the difference between winning and a crushing defeat. Why not take every opportunity at your disposal. including clothing? 


WhoopTee is here to keep you out of sight. The Code V Camouflage Short Sleeve T-Shirt is an awesome option to hide your paintball team in plain sight. Made of 100% cotton, this crew neck t-shirt comes in a variety of camouflage patterns including blue woodland, green digital, green woodland, pink woodland, sand digital, urban digital, and urban woodland. The grey urban digital and woodland options are particularly enticing for fields with a fiar amount of buildings. You and your team can order multiple camouflage patterns and always have a different blending option available, allowing you to adjust to any terrain and always maintain your upper hand. Scope out the battlefield beforehand, and choose your patter to match your surroundings. 


The next time you’re hit because your weren’t properly disguised, you may be thinking “fine, it’s time for camo shirts.” It’s a good thing you saved your shirt in our designer tool. Now all you have to do is click “Check Out” and bam, your shirt is ordered and will be shipped to you in two weeks for free! If you didn’t save your design, no biggie: our designer tool is extremely user friendly. You can whip up a new design in a matter of minutes. We have an awesome assortment of military themed clip art, or you can upload your own images. Either way, you can easily create the perfect tee for your team. 


When you have received your custom t-shirts, don’t forget to take a team photo and upload it to our photo submission page so that we can share you and your shirts on social media. If you do, you’ll receive 20% off your next order. That’s a great way to get extra funding for those other patterns you need.

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