Let's talk about college students. If there is one thing they can never have enough of, it's custom t-shirts. They are a life necessity, something, literally, to live in. Especially if you are an athlete - you have a designated area just for the accumulation of shirts that illustrate your life.


Whooptee.com has so much to offer when it comes to t-shirt, athletic shirts and other custom apparel.  It’s a real dream come true for the T-shirt hoarder (also known as the average college student.) There are no limits to what you can imagine or what you can create - especially if you use the Designer Tool. Make anything you want!  That is as long as it doesn’t violate any copyright laws - but other than, that - anything you want!


It doesn’t have to make sense, or be cute, or really have a reasoning behind it, thats the beauty of it. Design a shirt with all sorts of options in mind:   color, neckline, material and fit. Whether you are a long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve, cotton, organic, or V-neck type person, there is a shirt out there waiting for you to add some magic to it.  You could be the athlete, sorority girl, student body president, frat boy, or the laid back bum that we all truly embody deep down; Whooptee has shirts that are perfect for those indecisive individuals.


Did I also mention that Whooptee has free shipping on all orders?  Now for a college kid, hearing the word free is like striking gold. It is something that can make your day, month, or even year. Who are we kidding, getting free stuff can make your life!  You don’t even have to leave the house (for those real lazy bums, this is why online shopping was made). It’s all about the free shipping!


Finally, for the cherry on top of this already awesome sundae, THEY ALSO HAVE CUSTOM HOODIES, which we all know is what we are living in when we decide to take the T-shirt off. So if that doesn't make you pause Netflix and check it out, then I’m not sure what will. Go to Whooptee and choose your own blank canvas, to continue to illustrate your life! 

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