Making the perfect pick is easy . . . with some practice. Graduation cards lined up, at attention for your reading pleasure. But, where to begin? Do you go for emotion or laughs? Sentimentality or budget? Should you color coordinate with the gift? Then there are the categories: For graduate, for college graduate, for left-handed college graduates with a grandmother named Shirley.
Then there’s the gift. Graduation gifts are all the same: monogrammed, useless or way too practical. No one knows the grad like you. Aunt Cindy will get him some useless advice book on investments. BORING. His girlfriend Alison will buy some heavy, engraved picture frame commemorating the day they met, down to the exact second. SAPPY. And finally Grandma: generous with a cheesecake but stingy with a checkbook. FAIL. So much time devoted to what should be a simple, friendly act. 
Thank God these things come easy to you: a custom t shirt from Picking the shirt comes second nature. After being roommates for the last 4 years, you know what he likes and doesn’t like. Open your laptop, phone or PC and log onto Select your product; create your t shirt design and let Whooptee team do their magic. Memorialize that night at the frat house, the Spring Break road trip or the story of how he got his nickname. Large, crew neck, blue, classic cotton. There is no minimum order required.
You could have gone to the bookstore and picked up a “UNIVERSITY OF STATE –COLLEGE” shirt like everyone else but your grad is different. The shirt is easy but the card . . . . Is another story.
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