Today is the highlight of the year for pro wrestling fans. Yes, today is WrestleMania. This year is the 34th edition of the show launched by Hulk Hogan and Mr. T and like every other year, it’s a big deal. This is the date circled on the calendar of every wrestling fan, and it’s a now week-long celebration of wrestling. 


That’s because it’s true that this show is the biggest show of the WWE calendar, WWE isn't the only game in town. They may be the biggest, but there are many, many thriving independent wrestling promotions around the country, from major touring brands to the wrestling organization in your back yard. This year, WrestleMania is in New Orleans, and as has now become commonplace, every major promotion in the country will be running shows this weekend in the Big Easy, along with WWE events. 


Of course, there will be thousands in attendance, but millions watching at home. For those fans, the WrestleMania party has long been a beloved tradition. Like any other major sporting event, like the big game, or big fights like UFC and boxing, a home viewing party is the way to go. For major pay-per-views, friends can split the cost of the show. WWE makes this much easier with their $9.99 Network. 


Part of the fun of the viewing party is to watch the show in the company of good friends. Some friends play drinking games, others make friendly wagers. Another way to have fun in these situations is to create custom t-shirts. You and your friends can make wrestling-themed t-shirts for you to wear to the party, to conventions, autograph signings, and to live events. 


If you are an independent wrestler or a wrestling promoter, you know that the biggest money maker in the industry is merchandise. In that case, we’d like to point out that WhoopTee's cheap custom t-shirts can be ordered in bulk at substantial discounts. Pad your margins and enjoy certainty as you know you can get your restock within two weeks. We also ship for free to the lower 48 states.

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