Pro wrestling is many things: an athletic display, entertainment, spectacle, theater…but more than anything, it’s a business. From promotors to vendors to the wrestlers themselves, everyone has a living to make. The backbone of this market is merchandise, and that’s where Whooptee comes in. On your back or in your booth, Whooptee can give you the best custom tee to connect with your fans. 
For Promotors
Whooptee is the place to get cheap custom t-shirts. Have a big show this weekend? No problem, you can get a free quote on a bulk order that will have all of your fans served. Doing a small school gym show? No problem, there is no minimum order with Whooptee. You won’t be stuck with surplus stock, which is especially great for event-specific tees. Did you bring in that big national star for one night only? Get the most bang for your buck and give your fans the souvenir that’ll make their friend jealous and guarantee they buy tickets next time you’re in town.  Let’s not forget the branding benefits of having diehards walking around with your logo on their shirt. It’s like having a walking billboard. 
For Wrestlers 
We know loading up your t-shirt booth or your web store is as big a deal for you as getting that submission or pin. Sometimes, it can be as difficult too. Need some tees for Milwaukee, but you’re hitting Kansas City and St. Louis this week? You can have your Whooptee shirts shipped for free, and they’ll arrive with 14 days. Get this, free shipping! Remember that no minimum order wrinkle we talked about? That includes single shirts. So for the heel looking to insult the hometown crowd, or the face looking to make that extra connection, we can get you that special entrance t-shirt. The devil is in the details. Plus, a great t-shirt design can do wonders for your profile. Remember the classic black and white Austin 3:16 or nWo shirts? 
Coast to coast, post to post: Whooptee is your undisputed world heavyweight custom tee champion.
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