Name: Anne Maturan 
Event: 45 Friends and family joined the ROC Race at Charlotte NC. 
Comments: Awesome shirt to represent Philippine Team. We also won the largest number of 
participants! Kudos to your Art Department! And to Jennifer who always accommodates our last request! 
Three simple questions plus one photo and click to submit - it’s that easy. That’s how Anne and her friends received 20% off of their future group tshirt order.  Anne, her close friends and family members participated in the ROC Race at Charlotte on behalf of the Philippine Team. The ROC Race is the original game show-inspired obstacle run , open to couch potatoes and track stars alike, at Charlotte Motor Speedway featuring 12 larger than life obstacles including the infamous Wrecking Ball, the brand new Sweeper, Jump Balls, and the World’s Largest Inflatable Water Slide! The race also boasts a 25% cash back to the largest team – which the Philippine team won.
It’s your choice: you can selfishly sit back and watch life pass you by OR you can choose to seize every opportunity. You might be surprised by what happens . . . . Be like Anne and visit to design a custom t-shirt and win.
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