I’ve never fancied myself a designer, but I have gotten more than my fair share of compliments on my clothing, interior design and flair for putting together a hell of a party theme.  But taking on the title of “designer” never seemed to be in my wheelhouse; in fact, I’ve often turned down the chance to head any committee that involves glitter and streamers. That is, until I discovered Whooptee.com.

While designing a custom t-shirt isn’t exactly the same as coordinating a grade school Halloween party, there are some similarities.

For starters - the venue.  Or in the apparel world - the product.  Adding any artistic flair starts with the canvas.  Michaelangelo would never paint the types of frescos on the Sistine Chapel as he would when working on The Agony and The Ecstasy.  The same goes for designing for polos  versus hoodies.  The shape of a polo Iends itself to more subtle embroidery or screen print elements on the lapel, sleeve or nape for the shirt. Whereas, hoodies require bold designs to get noticed.

Next, comes the theme.  You have a broad range of options when choosing the colors, style and type of designs that you want adorn on your custom apparel.  If you feel like Whooptee.com might already have something you like, then check out our array of clip art and templates available for editting.  If you know exactly what you want, and have it on your computer, you can upload the image using the Designer Tool and add the perfect name or phrase to your item.  You can even send a preview to your friends through our email feature . . . although they already know who sets the trends, and who follows them (wink, wink.)

And finally budget, we all aren’t millionaires and Whooptee.com knows it. Because we have no minimum orders set for you purchase, you can order 1 or 100!  If you’re designing group shirts, don’t worry about collecting payment; individuals can pay for their own apparel on our website through an easy payment system that includes your entire group on one order.  They can choose their own size and method of payment as they see fit!  

Whooptee.com . . .The place where you’re the designer!

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