Remember when “Husky” meant fat and “Beanpole” meant skinny? Now kid’s apparel hales a more politically correct/self-esteem boosting type sizing system. Athletic body types earn a “rock star” while curvy girls get the “diva” nickname. All occupational choices and attitudes aside, when did shopping for kids get so difficult?
Anyone who remembers a childhood shopping trip with their mom knows what I’m talking about. Usually before the school season began, you and your siblings would pile into the car – devoid of all child seats, DVD players and strategically attached sun blocking shades. Like a gaggle of ducks you’d follow your mom into clothing section of the local chain superstore and set up camp for the next several hours.
The evaluation begins: How much have you grow? Well what size is in your closet now? Try these on. Sit down. Can you stretch? Do we need to get you a training bra? Too much information. Why did it matter? You always ended up with the same wardrobe: 2 pairs of jeans, 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 sweater, 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of Keds, a winter coat, and “No we are not going to the mall after this; everything there is too expensive.” Six months later, your new wardrobe is old and you have nothing to wear because nothing fits. has developed a revolutionary system of sizing and selling youth t-shirts. Follow this guide to style and fit:
• Pre-shrunk: means you’ll never be blamed for another dryer disaster. 
• Tagless: no severe scratches to the neck resulting in “this thing is bothering me!”
• Multi-Colored: whether it’s tie-dyed, ringed, or camouflage; there’s something for every child – 
even the picky middle one.
SIZING: A couple rules first: 1.) The X stands for Extra 2.) Measurements are in inches; no metric system 
needed 3.) Each product line has its own standard; click View Product Size Chart
• Youth X-Small
• Youth Small
• Youth Medium
• Youth Large
• Youth X-Large
Did you follow that? 
For the cooler months, add sleeves and a hood to form, what’s now called a “hoodie.” It doesn’t end 
there – sweatpants too! So if you’re as small as a child or really immature, check out the custom t-shirts 
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