Some things are supposed to be permanent, like tattoos and second marriages.  And others aren’t; for example that stale set of t-shirts you’ve been wearing to the gym since the early 2000’s.

Charting the evolution of “gym wear” might begin with the black and white photos of an all-girls school in matching rompers during P.E. class.  The 1970’s evokes thoughts of white, knee-high gym socks, cotton t-shirts and shorts lined in white piping.  As we enter the 1980’s, we leave the gym socks in the gym to and enter the era of fitness clubs.  These stationary bike lined clubs required a costly membership and a set of sweatbands.  Jane Fonda (and her workout videos) introduced the ladies of the 80’s to the world of brightly colored spandex and leggings in an effort to promote feminism via camel-toe.

As much as we want to believe that we’re working out for us, we just want to look good; certain gym clothes can make us look like we borrowed our brother’s clothes or that former-Olympian Bruce Jenner is our idol.  Take sweatpants for example; they serve the function of keeping us warm during stretches but make everyone who wears them appear 10lbs to 20lbs heavier.  Another example is the one-size-fits-all shape to your ever-growing-teenage boy.  Three-quarter length sleeves are great for vintage baseball shirts but not such a great look for a track jacket.

Then there’s performance enhancing clothing that promotes an “It’s not how you look, but how you feel” motto. Watch any Adidas commercial and they’d have you believe throwing on a new shirt will have you scoring last minute shots and breaking track and field records.  Not true, first you have to order the right clothes from

Start with a strong foundation that acts as a second skin like an Adidas Climalite Short Sleeve Tee and Gildan Dryblend Open Bottom Pocketed Sweatpants.  Next, prepare for battle by adding an alo Quarter-Zip Lightweight Pullover for protection against the elements.  A little sweat for extra swagger, flex and let them line up for tickets to the gun show!

In the meantime, remember, the gym can be a dangerous place with the rampant locker break-ins, weight bench incidences and stolen clothes.  We can’t buy you a security system or spot your squats but add your name to your next custom shirt order and you’re off and running . . . .


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