Well, today is March 14, or if you prefer all numerals, 3-14. To anyone who lives in the St. Louis area, 3-14 means much, much more. Of course, 314 is the long-running area code for the St. Louis area on the Missouri side of the river. This 3-14. show your pride for St. Louis and the Show Me State! 


It’s an amazing thing just how much an area code is ingrained in the local identity. It’s the first three numbers of every phone number. It’s shared by everyone in the community. Back in ye olden times, you would have to physically dial those digits to make a call if you were out of area. Wait, you still do…well then, we didn't think that one through. The point is, if you write down your number, it’s still the first three numbers you start with. 


Ok, so you know how an area code works, so what? It’s number about the numbers: it’s the place and the people they’re tied to that count! WhoopTee is proud to be a from the St. Louis area and offer affordable custom t-shirts in St. Louis. Be proud too! 


Or just have a slice of Pi…


Today is also Pi Day! The math nerds among us know what that means! It’s time to grab a piece of chalk and see how far you can get behind 3.14. It’s also a fun day for teachers to use to get students interested in math. After all, it is easy to relate Pi with, you know, pie. It’s a good idea to make a full day our of Pi Day. Not only does it break up the monotony of school, but to combine “math” and “fun” is something that rarely accomplished and always a good idea. One way to do that is through fun t-shirts the students can wear on Pi Day. Perhaps make a shirt that can double as a general math shirt or math club shirt that can be worn on more occasions.

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