Today is Coast Guard Day. The fifth branch of our Nation’s armed forces doesn't get the attention of the other branches many times, but that doesn't make them any less vital. Today is observed as the day the Coast Guard was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1790. The modern Coast Guard was formed in 1915. The mission of the Coast Guard includes protecting US waterways, acting as maritime law enforcement, acting as a federal regulatory agency, and search and rescue. This makes the Coast Guard unique in that they are a fighting force, a regulatory agency, a police force, and emergency responders. 


Our designer tool has many clip art graphics available with a military flavor. You can make a shirt for the Coastie in your life quickly and easily online with WhoopTee. Show them you care with a message of support, or give them something fun to wear that shows off their military service. Or, make a shirt that has nothing to do with the Coast Guard at all; just give them a cool or funny shirt. Either way, you’re giving them a token of appreciation both for their presence in your life and for their service to our country. They also make great additions to any millitary renunion


We ship our shirts for free in two weeks, so you know when it will arrive (hint - check the upper right hand corner of your screen) and you know exactly what your order will cost, with no surprises.


Even if you don’t have a Coast Guardian in your life, or any other active duty or retired military, that’s not to say that you can’t give the troops a nice boost. You can create cheap custom tees and send them to troops deployed overseas. You can sell shirts to raise funds for veteran causes. Or, you can create a shirt for yourself and show your support for the men and women who protect the seas, the air, and the land beneath your feet. 


To the Coast Guard, and to all who serve our country, thank you!

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