So you’re pretty pumped about Cinco de Mayo. You show up at your favorite watering hole ready to have a night of fun and celebration…and you realize you’re a day late. Not the expression “a day late and a dollar short”, no; you literally showed up on the wrong day. This is a troubling pattern that has popped up time and time again in your life. Remember the time you raised your flag on June 15th? What about that time you dressed up as zombie Jim Morrison on November 1? You, friend, are calendar challenged. 


Go out and buy a calendar. Hang it up. Circle ever important date you can find. Holidays, birthdays, observances, mark every single one. Make double sure to circle May 6, the day you decided to get ahead of time, not behind it. Imagine Indian Jones running from a rolling stone. You are Dr. Jones, and time is the boulder. Don’t let it crush you. Your friends at WhoopTee are here to help. 


Hop on our designer tool and  create yourself a custom t-shirt for all the holiday situations you need to cover. Doesn’t it always seem that you have great Halloween costume ideas every month but October? If you need some custom apparel for your costume, don’t wait. Just create a custom t-shirt online through WhoopTee when the idea pops into your head, and put it away until the 31st rolls around. 


WhoopTee has the perfect one-two punch for special occasion shirts: options with no minimum order and free shipping. With that kind of affordability and our designer tool, you can cover a year’s worth of holiday t-shirts cheaply and conveniently. With shirts for every occasion, you’re bound to be the topic of conversation. When they ask you where you got your situational wardrobe, tell them you made them online with WhoopTee.

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