We talk a lot around here about t-shirts with a purpose. Some t-shirts are practical and serve a greater purpose. For example, hoodies are practical in the cold. Some shirts promote businesses or organizations. Other are for sports teams, school groups, or community events. Others are promotional gifts. Some shirts are to promote change or raise awareness for an issue. They all serve their own valuable purpose. 


Then there are shirts that exist just because, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Creativity doesn’t always have to be for a purpose. It doesn’t have to make money or advance some other agenda. Sometimes flexing your creative muscles is just a fulfilling experience that can make you very happy. 


In that spirit, next time you design a custom tee with our designer tool, try to ignore the practical. Don’t design for any reason in particular. Play with your design, experiment. Unhinge yourself and let natural creativity take over. Try to look at your design and your ideas in different terms. 


Don’t render the process of designing a custom t-shirt online clinical. Have fun with it! You may surprised at ideas you can conjure. Think about it this way; without a destination, you can spend more effort and thought on the journey. 


One of the coolest features of our designer tool is the ability to see changes to your design in real time. When you experiment, when you make changes, you’ll see them immediately. Play with colors, play with fonts. Arrange and rearrange your graphics. Upload your own images. The power is in your hands to do whatever you want. 


Next time you design a custom tee, use your imagination. Free yourself from practicality and have some fun with it! If you like the result, you can always order your shirt and have it shipped for free in two weeks!

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