How do you define a coach? According to Merriam-Webster, a coach is: An athletic instructor; a mentor; a trainer; one who to prompt or urge with instructions.  Nowhere on your job description does it say “to babysit teenagers who fake medical ailments to avoid running a mile.”   You’re athletic superiority puts you far and above your current role as Director of Physical Education of Loafsville High School, in Fat Town, USA.  Dreams of playing professional football filled your fantasies as a child; after tearing your ACL, those quickly changed to joining the NFL training team.

Kids today have no respect, hence the “Kick the Coach” sign stuck to the back of your track suit. What’s next on your illustrious career path? How can you show these kids that you’re more than a talking pair of knee socks and whistle?

Intimidation or motivation?  Subtle intimidation under the guise of motivation seems to get through to this group.  Of course, cash, credit and crunches work well too. is here to help.  Our website is filled with tons of options, but the first thing competitive minds like yours will notice our Performance line.

Performance in the form of quality custom t-shirts, sweatshirts and custom athletic apparel.  While all our apparel is great, the Performance line consists of shirts, pants and pullovers that keep you looking cool when the heat is on.  You don’t want to look like the team dumped the Gatorade on you before the game started.

The next category to tug at your optimal beating heartstrings is Coaches Apparel.  Use all that stipend money on a new, school-supportive wardrobe.   Add your school mascot to an Adidas Climalite Short Sleeve Tee and order them for the entire coaching staff.

And finally, let’s turn to the kids.  You don’t want to look selfish in your new athletic apparel, right?  Team up with your favorite secretary and school mom and set out to design a t-shirt and custom shorts that incorporate all the latest trends.  Again, get some help on this one!

Don’t get knocked out in the first round; regroup, get a game plan and got to


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