Camp, camp, camp. Basketball camp, science camp, nature camp. Camp for boys and camp for girls.  There’s even a Doggie Day camp! Summer is synonymous with camp. Keeping track of one kid is hard enough, let alone a hundred. can make your job a lot easier. Divide and conquer. Follow these steps to design your own custom T-shirts for your camp and make ordering a breeze: 
Color Coordination: When you’re born the hospital designates pink for girls and blue for boys. If it ain’t broke . .. . Well you know the rest. I say take it one step further. Put the kids that are always on the run in bright orange or green so you can see what they are doing a mile away. And the sweet angles in heavenly white; they’ll never even get a speck of ketchup on their shirts.
Name of the Game: Separate your Kailey’s and Kiley’s from your Camden’s and Cameron’s by labeling those Youth T’s front and back. Normally, we discourage labeling our children but in this case, it’s a must.
Who’s The Boss: Don’t forget your counselors and counselors-in-training. They need to stand out from the crowd- despite their obvious wisdom and current state of acne. Maybe a Gildan Dryblend Jersey Sport shirt with a pocket would better suit their authority.
That’s a lot of custom t-shirts! Don’t forget to order doubles for dirt; so make sure you get the deal. You can order 1 shirt or 100. Log on, find the Service Center and get a Quick Quote. Know your numbers – sizes and quantity – and you’ll have your budget within minutes! Don’t forget about the coupon code discount just for shopping. 
After that, we make a date. For delivery that is. Orders normally take two weeks to fulfill, so grab a hotdog and some sunscreen while you wait. When you see your WhoopTees arrive, you’ll know summer is finally here.
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