Summer time means a lot of things for high schoolers. Sleeping in, lying by the pool, summer jobs, and raising money for that sports team or drama club. Whether it’s having a bake sale at the farmer’s market or having a car wash, a few bucks really helps those clubs. But what really helps to unify the school team/ club are custom t-shirts.

A custom t-shirt design can effortlessly show organization. In short, it lets the community know who they are and what they’re doing. It lets the public know that “these kids aren’t just washing cars for fun.” It shows purpose and determination. Not to mention, it can save a lot of questions that start with “What are you raising money for?” provided that the font is big enough and the t-shirt design is easy on the eyes.

So if you’re in your teens and looking for ways to unify your team/club in an affordable way, look into WhoopTee. With seemingly endless colors and shirt styles, your desired t-shirt design can be made with a click of a button!

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