Trying to pull off a non-dressy t shirt in a professional setting can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Today I bring to you, a list of accessories that can help you get there.

1)   The scarf

2)   Necklace

Scarves have really taken off in the last few years, being especially fashionable in the fall. What better time to wear your summer custom t shirts than in the fall! There’s really no restriction with the kind of scarf or graphic that is on the t shirt, which is why this is such a great option. If it’s late fall, it may be best to pair the t-shirt/scarf duo with a nice fitted blazer.


If you’re still planning on wearing your custom t shirt this summer, a necklace can always dress it up. A bulkier design is usually needed to pull this look off. Also, a slightly minimized t shirt design is more desirable. Otherwise, it looks look too much may be going on. If you consider yourself fashionably confused, stick with the scarf idea! But if you have a funky necklace lying around and feel like it could match a custom t shirt you have, go for it!

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