Sometimes just wearing a t shirt with jeans and sneakers seems too casual. But when you have such an awesome t shirt design, you want to show it off! Well, I bring to you a new series: All the ways you can dress up your favorite custom t shirts, and look great doing it.

If you have a business casual dress code at work, a great way to dress up that casual t shirt design is by pairing it with a nice fitted blazer. This is a unisex option, so guys, don’t be shy. If you have that old interview suit just sitting in the closet, put the blazer to good use. And if it looks funny, take it to a tailor to get it altered. It will likely be much cheaper than buying a brand new one, AND you’ll feel great about actually using something you likely spent a lot of money on!

Ladies, feel free to add on some funky accessories. A long necklace of some sort is usually a safe bet. And if you love skinny jeans/pants, feel free to wear them and a great pair of heels or cute flats. The overall look fits the office business/casual look all while looking hip. Now, I DO NOT recommend you try this if you have strict professional attire policy (i.e. attorneys)

Clothed Much did a great job here, adding a scarf. Looking chic, girl! 

Here is another pairing idea: Replace the white t shirt with your custom t shirt. 

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