I bring to you my second post about dressing up your favorite t shirt design. Guys, if you’re not comfortable wearing a skirt, I’m afraid I don’t have any ideas for you today! Ladies, pull out all of your custom t shirts and see which ones would work with your collection of skirts.

Ok, so here we go. If your t shirt design has a lot of “design” (i.e. color, busy work on the eyes, etc.), it’s best to pair it with a skirt that is more neutral in color (black, beige, or white). This will leave most attract most of the attention to your shirt. If your shirt has more of a minimal design (i.e. just something small in the corner, or a few words printed) or a more neutral color palette, you can pair it with a skirt that is bright or has a pattern—tweed, denim, or plaid. T-Styled Me has the right look!

Leather can also be an option if you have a leather skirt. This is more for a casual evening look. Although some people can really pull leather off in the workplace—I can’t advice you in that area! But with the design below, a short A-line leather skirt is paired with a simple custom t shirt. It works well! Thanks Looking Fly on a Dime!

Longer skirts are always an option too. In order to prevent the overall look from looking fancy, pairing the shirt with a casual accessory or piece of clothing helps to give it a hip look. Love the Disney reference below, Fashion by M&M

I’d love to see you wear your favorite t shirt! Feel free to send us photos!

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