It’s a simple question – how much do you love books? Are you an avid reader? A reader who wishes you had time to do it more? Someone who used to read a lot and fell out of the practice? Books are the foundation of civilization, and the spark of imagination. Works of art like literature are what make us human. Today is Book Lovers Day, and it’s a day to celebrate the written word and those who love it. 


It’s our responsibility as a civilization to encourage reading with the youth. That doesn't just mean forcing them to read an arbitrary amount of pages or books, but to enjoy books, to love them. This is crucial. If kids merely read for a grade, without passion, they won’t get all that books have to offer and they will turn away from books the second the assignment is over. 


We also need to make sure kids really dive into the books. So many book courses are obsessed with retention and memorization. Who, what, where, when…they are taught to memorize the plot, the objective “what happened” as proof they paid attention. But if all you’re getting out of a book is the surface level action, then that’s a shame. Subtext, metaphor, allegory, satire, context…there is so much deeper meaning to literature, even kids literature, that gets swept away if all we care about is the surface level. 


Many teachers all across the country help kids fall in love with books through creative class activities or clubs. Book clubs are a long tradition in schools, and rightfully so. For those who want to create their own books, many schools also have creative writing clubs. Introducing kids to creative writing pursuits at an early age is a huge boost to a life of creativity. That creativity can translate into other pursuits later in life. 


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