One of the best parts about having a dog is being able to hug them. Granted, some dogs get freaked out by the lack of control they have during a hug, and therefore hate them. That’s ok; hugs come in many shapes and sizes. You can “hug” those dogs by putting your forehead against theirs. Others like a nice pet and a hearty paw shake. Many cuddly dogs are just fine with a regular old traditional hug. Whatever your pooch’s preferred method of hugging, give them the attention they have earned by being your loyal and faithful friend. Today is Hug Your Hound Day and it’s a good reason, like you need another, to give some love and affection to your best buddy. 


While you’re at it, why not crank the cute factor to 11? We have custom pet clothes available in two styles – t-shirt and hoodie. The t-shirt is a tank top, while the hoodie features not only a hood but an adorable back pouch. Like the rest of our t-shirts you can customize your pet shirt with our designer tool quickly and easily. Also like the rest of our custom tees, your pet shirt order will ship for free in two weeks. 


We do have a minimum order of 6 shirts on these items, so we suggest getting some friends with dogs in on your order. You can order different sizes for your different dogs, so if your friends have great danes and you have chihuahuas, no worries, you can order together. When you order in bulk, you can drive the cost per shirt down. You can see how quantity affects your pricing in real time. This is a perfect solution to an animal shelter or pet charity looking for a new fundraising idea. 


Keep in mind, the countdown to Halloween and Christmas have begun. If you’re looking for a great Halloween costume, you could dress up with your dog, or you and your friends can do a group costume with your dogs together. If you have kids, take the dog trick or treating. If you’re looking for great gifts for your employees this Christmas, order custom shirts with the company logo for your employees’ dogs and have a dog day at the office for team morale.

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