Being around the advanced technology that is WhoopTee provides countless opportunities to imagine the future.  Everything I come up with is basically useless: a WiFi connected bottle opener, zero-gravity notebook paper, sitting shoes (like walking shoes and running shoes, but for sitting).  But Daniel H. Wilson’s imagination of the future is SCARY.  And kinda cool, really, but SCARY.  Wilson imagines a time when humans implant themselves with neuro-somethings that rearrange brain-somethings to make themselves superhuman.  Wilson calls these people Amps, presumably because...well, we don’t know.  We think the appropriate name for one of these people is Human+.  And we think if you are going to opt to have one of the neuro-implanty things, you should wear a tshirt with “Human+” emblazoned across the front.  Design one for yourself now at WhoopTee.

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