TGI Friday! It’s the end of the week, and it also happens to be Nation Beer Lovers Day. It’s a great excuse to use #NationalBeerLoversDay to express your love of the bubbly yellow beverage. So what’s your brew of choice? Lager? Stout? IPA? Pilsner? Ale? Whatever your go-to is, grab a brew and celebrate. 


Did you know that beer predates pottery? The first humans likely grabbed a beer nearly 10,000 years ago. Beer predates civilization as we know it. So you see, beer is more than just a fun drink to have with friends or at a ballgame. 


Now, you may not care about the historical significance of beer. You just, you know, want a beer. So, you’ll no doubt go to your favorite local watering hole. Which one is your favorite? Why is it your favorite? Is it good beer. good service, good prices, good food, good atmosphere, or a little of all of the above? 


If you own a bar, this is what you strive for; to be the favorite haunt of your local population. It’s important that you build up your bar’s brand while keeping the quality of your bar, your service and your products high. Competition is hard, not just with other bars, but restaurants and the very idea of staying home. 


That’s why you need to make sure your branding game is on point, including custom t-shirts. You can make cheap t-shirts online with WhoopTee and brand your bar. Get shirts for your dart or billiards league. Get t-shirts for your beer pong league or bar bingo team. Oh, you don’t do any of those? Well, it may be time to look into activities to make your bar a central location for fun and excitement. 


Simply putting beer out there and saying “buy this” to the public isn’t enough. You have to create a reason for them to come in. This includes being up to date on free digital marketing opportunities, like #NationalBeerLoversDay. Take advantage of these opportunities and make the most out of them!

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