Pull out your phone, check your tablet, gaze at your wall calendar, shake your sun dial, listen for your beeper, hook up your telegraph…ok, got a little off track here. The point is, if you consult with your date-keeping device of choice, you’ll see that father’s day is on June 19th. Today is June 10th. Thanks to the amazing number-crunching potential of kindergarten math, you have now determined that you have nine days to get your dad the perfect father’s day gift. This year you’ve told yourself no more lopsided ashtrays, no more singing fish, no more #1 dad coffee mugs; this year is going to be special. You can’t take seeing that look of polite disappointment on his face on more time. This will not stand. 


WhoopTee is here to save you from yet another letdown. Get ready to make your siblings look like slackers, because we’ve got your back covered (yours figuratively, your dad’s literally). Not only can you get a single t-shirt from our no minimum order options, but you can have it shipped in time for father’s day. A standard WhoopTee order ships in 14 days, but we also have a 7 day rush delivery option. If you can’t get your shirt done today, you can always save your work and finish it later. Don’t want too long though; time is running out. 


Imagine yourself seven days from now, after you’ve created your custom t-shirt masterpiece online wth our designer tool. You open up the box, see your master stroke, and look at your calendar to find that you have two days to spare. You can spend that extra time crafting a lanyard, or writing up a coupon for one free handshake just to sweeten the gift basket. Or, you could just stick with the custom tee. Either way, you have your father’s day shopping covered.

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