I’m sorry mama…I never meant to hurt yoouuu…


Wait, sorry, wrong closet cleaning. 


Traditionally, Spring is a time for getting rid of extra stuff that’s cluttering your house. You may have heard of Spring cleaning? Ok, you have heard of Spring cleaning. Well, it may only be March 2, but today is Old Stuff Day, and in that spirit, we’d like to encourage you to re-home your old stuff. 


Go through your closet, your garage, or wherever else you’ve tucked piles and piles of clothes, toys, and other items, and find a new home for them. If you have clothes that your kid has outgrown, try giving them to a friend or neighbor with growing children. If you don’t want your old clothes, or clothes that don’t fit, donate them to a food and clothing organization or a company like Goodwill or Salvation Army. There are also charity drop boxes for clothes at some stores. 


You can always have a yard sale to move some of your old items, though you may have to wait until yard sale season really kicks into gear. Rummaging through your old stuff is a great way to find items to sell on eBay or at a flea market that doesn't cost you anything. If you’ve ever considered selling at a flea market, check out these guides on the ultimate flea market hustle. 


Once you’ve cleared out all that space in your closet and drawers, you’ll have plenty of room to replace those old clothes with new ones. What better way to make sure your clothing matches your personality than by designing them yourself? With WhoopTee’s designer tool, you can create a custom t-shirt design with no design experience necessary! All you need is an internet connection and an imagination!


You can design yourself a single custom t-shirt with our no minimum options and order just one. If you have friends or family you want to share your art with, you can order most of our options in orders of six or more. The more you order, the lower the price per shirt will be. You don’t have to stop with just shirts: WhoopTee also has pants and shorts available to customize. 


Don’t keep old, tattered, ill-fitting, or dated clothes in mothballs: design a new wardrobe compliment today and clear out your closet to make room. Out with the old in with the new.

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