It's  rainy; you are going to lay under a blanket and stay away from the cold, wet rain. So while you are nice and warm and toasty in your bed or on your couch or just on a nice reading chair, you are first going to grab your laptop and design your own t-shirt to come on a non-rainy day. 


What are you going to do this on a rainy day? You need a pick me up. You are smack dab in the middle of a dark, black, cloudy day and that is not fun. However, designing a personalized shirt is fun. We get presents on our birthday, Christmas, maybe Easter, and anniversaries, so why not have a nice present to yourself when you need it? Here at WhoopTee, we declare rainy days as buy your self a treat day!


When the storms come we are prepared for the lights to go out. So it is urgent to use your laptop battery while you still can. It's sometimes torture to be without electricity. Who is going to reward you for the inconvenience? Not the electric company, not your neighbors, and not city hall. You are going to have to treat yourself. So go a head and do it. Also, we have the dreaded rain check. Who really makes up for canceled plans? Sure you reschedule and do it some other day but can your friends fill the whole disappointment leaves in your chest? No sir or ma'am, fill in the whole with a cool tee from WhoopTee.


Did we mention we have a great selection of sweats? When you are curled up in your warm blanket, throw on a stylized, special pair of sweat pants, or even a sweatshirt. You can buy in bulk and buy some for your friends to keep them warm and have a somewhat pleasurable thunder storm. The more shirts you buy, the lower the cost per shirt. You can find out how quantity effects your order in real time with our free quote tool.


 Or better yet, double down and throw yourself a thunderstorm, slumber party. It is better to be in a crowd when you are out of electricity, isn't it? So treat yourself because it is sad when it is just a rain storm. 


You deserve this.

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