The school year is extremely stressful for teachers, but the holidays area perfect time to unwind. There is more excitement in a classroom for every student and teacher on the last day before Christmas break than any other day, except maybe summer break. But you don’t get presents over summer break. With all the stress on every other day of the school year, teachers may get a little crabby with each other and not see eye to eye. Even if that’s not the case, teachers should come together to keep morale high and keep their school a great place to work and learn. 


A great way to do that is to have a gift exchange. White elephants are great, as are secret Santa gift exchanges. When it comes to giving gifts, personal gifts are always the best, followed closely by practical gifts. Why not combine both with a custom t-shirt? You can order just one t-shirt for your secret Santa with our no minimum options. On a bigger scale, custom t-shirts of appreciation make great presents for a school district to hand out as a thank you for all the long hours in and out of the classroom. Custom t-shirts expressing thanks on behalf of the administration, the district, the parents, and most of all, the students would go a long way to showing teachers the love and admiration in the community for the work they do. 


But teachers are not the only ones who touch the lives of those in the community. Doctors, police officers, first responders, letter carriers, and many other professions can receive these wonderful tokens of their hard work as a Christmas present from their clients, bosses, friends, and neighbors. They also make great presents for companies to give to good customers. 


This is just a small way to make the season brighter and build more moral in the office setting. Design yours on WhoopTee today! 

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