In honor of National Sunscreen Day this week, the Whoop Team would like to present its own holiday. It’s called Keep Your Shirt On Day. It’s more than just something you say to impatient people but an ideal to be celebrated by all. As the summer days grow longer and the temperatures rise, everyone is more inclined to take their shirts off. Men and women, children and the elderly, the attractive and unattractive alike. We’re asking that you Keep Your Shirt On. We know it’s hot but if you can’t proudly wear your shirt, then maybe you never cared for it anyway? Don’t sacrifice your precious office-worker skin to the Memorial Day gods. Maybe it’s time for a new shirt. One you’ll love and cherish and be proud to wear, no matter how hot it gets.
The festivities begin when (unofficially) commemorating Keep Your Shirt On Day when someone walks into the kitchen and impatiently asks “Is the laundry done yet? My favorite shirt is in there.” 
This sets the day in motion. Yell “KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON!” They may look confused but after the 10th time, they’ll get the idea. 
Next tell them to log onto Get started by using one of the templates. Ironic custom t shirts aren’t just for cafes and Comic Con; design your own t shirt. Make sure it’s worthy of your time. Make note of the options: Anvil Heavyweight Ringer T-shirt or Augusta Sportswear V Neck Jersey with Striped Sleeves. Make it cool enough to wear all day long with never a thought of succumbing to the harsh heat of May. Just make it and remember to Keep Your Shirt On!
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