As we discussed yesterday, Thanksgiving is about family. It’s about being thankful for your family, appreciating those who are with us, and remembering those who aren’t. But what if you have a big family? We mean, a REALLY BIG FAMILY? Let’s be perfectly honest here: it can be hard to remember every single extended relative’s name. What about those 5th cousins you see once every ten years? Just admit it: you can’t think of their names on the fly.


That’s why we at WhoopTee are here to spare you and your family some awkward situations. Have you ever had that situation where you and another distant relative have an award go around where you both try to figure out the other person’s name? You turn around to your significant other and say “I have no idea who that is.” They turn around to their significant other who asks “who was that?” They reply “I have no idea.” But hey, at least you had a nice chat about the weather right? 


With our designer tool, you can easily create a custom t-shirt online for your family get-together and have individual names printed on the back of each shirt. Our designer tool is user-friendly, and you should have no trouble adding names to your t-shirt masterpiece. Once everyone in the extended family has a shirt with their name on it, awkward situations will be obliterated from existence. Well, maybe not that far. Still, it will go a long way towards a painless, awkward-free party. That’s the dream, isn’t it?


So go ahead, pick your shirt style, and hop on our designer tool to make your affordable custom t-shirt. All WhoopTee orders ship for free also. The next time a family event rolls around, don’t accept awkward. If you’re bringing the entire family tree together, bring them even closer together with custom t-shirts from WhoopTee.

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